TUFF Kids MMA program update June 2013

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Our TUFF Kids MMA program update for the month. We always love to keep everyone updated on the progress of our Kids program and this month I wanted to share with everyone some of the kids homework answers.


And Yes, that’s right, your read it correctly! We give the kids written homework as well! Our program is a very detailed curriculum and it’s important that we understand the kids mental development whilst learning Mixed Martial Arts. We like to be able to give the kids written homework every now and again just to learn more about how they are developing and to tackle some important questions.

The homework was very simple and focused on the important question of why do they want to learn Martial Arts and what important concepts have they learnt so far. These questions are important for the learning process and we have met many teenagers and adults who have not asked themselves these type of questions. If the kids are starting this early and answering self analytical questions, then we know we have been successful with TUFF kids program.

Take a look at a few of the responses from the kids.

IMG_20130619_154404 IMG_20130619_154437 IMG_20130619_154513 IMG_20130619_154530

We are proud of their responses and these responses are important for us to recognise so that we can further assist the children in their Martial Arts journey by using more detailed motivational methods and guide them to greater understanding in the Martial Arts and life. Having trained in the Martial Arts as a child as well, I personally believe there was a lot of time where I just did what the instructor told me to do without thinking for myself or asking ‘What is this technique for?’, ‘What are Martial Arts for?’, ‘What have I learnt this month?’. These are questions many of the best Martial Arts practitioners ask regularly and now so do the Kids in our TUFF Martial Arts Program in Australia.

Also notice that the responses I posted already show qualities from the kids such as family loyalty, excellence in sport, focus. All things that will be needed later on in life!

Just recently, the TUFF program in Oregan, USA, graduated the first two black belts in their kids program. Let me tell you, I have not met these boys personally but I can tell you that if they made it through the curriculum which includes all the physical components, homework and development components then these two boys show the traits of great young people, Martial Artists and future Leaders. These two boys even though on the other side of the planet will be great role models for our students in Australia.

Speaking of great kids..We want to congratulate Luke Neha who is 7 yrs old and earned Student of the Month Award. Luke has been a responsible and focused student. He was the first to hand his homework in, really enjoys his training, has helped many of the other kids and has been asking some great questions lately.



Thanks for the taking the time to read this blog and we look forward in updating you next month!

Coach David


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