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We offer two very specific seminars around Australia and Internationally. These seminars are professional and very affordable. You will find that these seminars have very specific outcomes based on your needs, we ensure you that the attendees will get the best and most current training methods available. Pl


We offer two different types of seminars-


MMA seminars-

Our trainers are very experienced and willing to teach your students whether they are in Australia or anywhere else in the world. No where is too far and nothing is too hard for us. We have experience in training students who are complete beginners all the way to Professional fighters. All our seminars are very specific and focus on teaching principles that you and your gym can develop long after the seminar is over. Some seminars we have conducted in the past include, MMA cage wall tactics, Sambo and Wrestling for MMA, and even seminars training teens and kids in MMA who have come from various Martial Arts Backgrounds. Email us at and let us send you some details on how we can develop your students and fighters for you.


Corporate Seminars-

We have been conducting many Corporate self defence seminars lately. We focus on training your workers so that they feel safer and more confident in their lives. Happy employees will translate to greater productivity. We teach the same self defence tactics we teach to Police and Military, we promote team bonding in these seminars and work towards providing positive outcomes for the employees attending and the business hiring us.

Some previous clients we have trained include, BuildCorp Australia and Vodafone, no business is too big or too small. We always receive great feedback from these seminars and it’s a fun and unique way to build team work in your organization. Email for further information.


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