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This post is a little late but something important we wanted to share with everyone!

We had our End of year party in the last week of December and had a lot of fun as we do every year!

We especially would like to share the awards to students who really impressed us and their team mates through out the year.

Student of the year went to Moz Mungkung.

Moz has consistently trained all year and definitely has shown some great improvements. He always offers assistance to myself and the other trainers when we need it for any gym events. One time in particular he sat for hours at 7am on a Saturday morning at a park by himself to reserve the BBQ space for a gym BBQ whilst we taught classes.

Moz has attended to pretty much all the events we have held to support the fighters all year as well. Including being in the gym at 1am with some of the team to watch one of Thanhs fights in Asia.

He also volunteered to join and assist in the charities we have donated to over the last year. Offering money is one thing but actually giving your time is another.

There is a lot more great examples to explain our decision for this award but if you have met Moz you will understand what an easy decision it was.


Most improved Student of the year- Tan Bach

Tan is our most improved. She is constantly coming to class and trying her best to learn and ask questions. She wasn’t that fit when she came but she has worked pretty hard and really listened to everything in her training and she has better technique than half the guys in the gym.

She has been sparring with the guys lately and really trying to develop her skills and fitness. Tan has impressed us a lot  and many others have mentioned how much she’s improved as well.


Female student of the Year- Quyen Thai

We have never had this award before. In 2013 year our women’s program has grown a lot and really taken off. I am proud to teach this class and really happy that some of the other guys, Glenn, Thanh, Joey, and Jana have given their time and helped with teaching and holding pads for the women as well.

One female stands out, Quyen, she is consistent with her attendance and always puts in 100%. She also has a family, so its very impressive that she can work and look after her family and come to training with 100% effort and with such a great attitude.  She came in knowing nothing about striking technique and some average fitness but now her fitness has increased a lot and she’s starting to develop good technique.

We are very happy to have women like Quyen training at M.A.D.

Fighter of the Year-Jana Jenagathesen

This is another important award for us. It doesn’t go to an MMA fighter this time but to a Kickboxer. We want to congratulate Jana on this.

Last year Jana received the ‘Student of the Year’ award but this year he made the transition from just attending the classes to becoming a fighter. It wasn’t that difficult for him as he trains hard and is motivated to learn. He has stepped up his training and even though he fought amateur kickboxing he put in the effort that a professional fighter does.

Jana regularly gets put through his paces by other fighters and training partners and gave up a lot of time and learnt as much as he could.

The most important thing to us is not how he trained, fought or if he wins or loses but it was more important to us seeing that he lost his first match and how handled that loss..yes it was a questionable loss..but he just accepted a shitty decision loss and came back to training a few days later to help the other guys fighting and we also found out whilst helping other fighters, he is a very good coach.

He is also always offering assistance to everyone in the gym and trying to share his knowledge with new students.

We are looking forward to getting him back in the ring because he has a lot more potential we are looking forward to seeing.


There are so many people who have impressed us and their team mates throughout the year. We are extremely honoured to have some great students in the gym and we are looking forward to a great year of training with a lot of new faces joining us.

Coach David









Tan and Moz



Coach David, Moz and Coach Glenn


Goran (the secret member), Jana and Moz


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