Coaches David and Glenn back from Team Quest USA

Coaches David and Glenn will be back from Team Quest in the U.S this week. They are looking forward to getting back on the mats after having spent a productive two weeks at the Team Quest headquarters in the U.S.

Some pics of their trip below include- Receiving Brown belt in BJJ under BJJ Coach Bruce, learning from the U.S National Greco Wrestling team, Training under Coach Travis, Teaching a Sub Wrestling class, and training under one of the most experienced MMA fighters inthe world Pat Healy.

They can’t wait to get back on the mats in Australia and get back into coaching!

Coach David Taylor-Smith and Glenn Taylor-Smith receive Brown belts in BJJ from Team Quest USACoach David Taylor-Smith and Glenn Taylor-Smith instructing sub wrestling class at Team Quest USA   U.S Olympian and Olympic Greco team coach Matt Lindland with Coach David Taylor-Smith and Glenn Taylor-Smith

UFC MMA fighter Pat Healy

USA Greco Roman Wrestling teamWrestling class Team Quest USA

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