Coach’s advice- Training performance in MMA #1

MMA training tip #1: Training Performance

By Coach David

Try and set yourself clear training goals every time you enter a practice session to increase your training performance. If you are in sparring, free roll, Wrestling or Strength training. Focus on one smaller aspect of your training that needs improving or a strength that can be developed further.

Focus on that throughout the session. One of the most common training mistakes we see in gym’s, is that a person after practice has no questions, thoughts or were unsure of how each session went.  You cannot measure your success if you have no basic bench mark or goal for each session.

For example, ‘This session..I will work on my movement and angles’. If you managed to have a few successful moments surrounding that goal then you are ‘winning’ each session. Anyone in any Combat sports should have the ultimate goal of improvement. ‘Beating’ your opponent or training partner is a consequence of those small successful achievements from the goals you set. Don’t forget to tell your coaches about these small training goals each session, each week, each month. A good coach will always focus on these with you as much as he/she can.



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