Getting the most out of your training! 

 We love training everyone to reach their goals and developing their skills and if you are paying to learn and train with us then we want to make sure you are getting every cent worth. So here are some of our tips:

–Make friends with your training partners- Anyone involved in Martial Arts will have stories of how they have made great friends through training. Be a great team mate during training sessions and you will no doubt establish some great friendships throughout your training.

–Push yourself every lesson-Our aim is to help you achieve your goals but its up to you and the effort put in on the level of success you will achieve. Remember it wont work unless you do!

–Have an open mind- Even if you have trained before or have a bit of knowledge in Martial Arts. Come into each lesson with an open mind and learn some varied ways of training or techniques. You will become better for it and have developed some new approaches.

–Train safely- We have a duty of care to you and don’t want anyone injured throughout training. We know most people that train at Martial Arts Development are not professional fighters and do not need to be physically injured by each other.

–Listen to the Coaches- Our coaches are experienced and professionals in their respective disciplines. They have valuable knowledge and experience that will guide you throughout your training. Listening and respecting your coaches is the most important element for ensuring you get the best out of your training.

–Have FUN! Once you start getting into training then it can be a fun addiction. We love seeing students who are pumped to train.