Kids Mixed Martial Arts


5-12yr oldsKids MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Kids MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)-Mixed Martial Arts class includes elements of Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Judo and Jiu Jitsu. The class teaches children the self Defence application and Sport application of each discipline. Each class is unique, challenging and fun. Our acceptance age is 5-12 year old’s and class numbers are always controlled so that your child gets the correct attention they deserve. The curriculum for this program has been developed by the world renowned ‘Team Quest MMA Gym’ based in Portland, USA.

What separates our classes from other Kids Martial Arts programs?

-5 Classes per week, membership is great value, classes can work out as cheap as $8 per class and no contracts or hidden fees.

-Structured Classes, each lesson is unique and keeps the kids motivated to continue learning. We also have kids gradings which happening every 2 months based on the elite Team Quest MMA program out of the U.S

-Classes attendance are capped. 20 kids per class at most. This won’t be like some Martial Arts schools with 40 kids in a class and the instructor cant give the attention your kid deserves.

-The coaches to the kids classes are professional coaches with very impressive credentials. Professional athletes who have represented Australia internationally at the highest levels in Martial Arts. The kids will be receiving world class coaching every class!

What will you need to get your child started? The kids will need to bring comfortable clothing to each class.The Kids Mixed Martial Arts classes does require the correct uniform, however, we are flexible in when you purchase these uniforms as we know kids have a lot going on with a lot of expenses. We ideally like to have the kids in the uniform by their second or third month of training.

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