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MMA Combat Fitness and MMA Private training available-Sydney CBD

Coach David is now running MMA Combat Fitness classes and private sessions in the Sydney CBD.

Having just come back from the U.S after training and coaching at the world famous ‘Team Quest MMA’ Gym, he will be running a newly developed MMA Combat fitness program at Platinum Fight and Fitness Centre in the Sydney CBD As well as offering personalised Private sessions in MMA Combat Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts at Platinum FFC as well.

What will you do in an MMA Combat Fitness session?

The MMA Combat Fitness class is a 45 or 60 minute MMA functional training class to give people of all fitness levels a great workout. This class utilises MMA functional training movements such a heavy bag training, ground and pound, and dummy training. Taught by an experienced MMA Coach with International experience, the same dynamic conditioning training used for Professional fighters will be adapted to your training which will see you fitter and stronger than you have ever been. This class is perfect for all fitness and skill levels who are thinking about trying something unique, challenging and fun. You will get to train like an MMA fighter without getting beaten up!  These classes will be Tuesday 1215pm, Thursday 1130am and Friday 630pmat Platinum FFC CBD location.

You can also book David for personalised sessions in MMA Combat Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts that will be catered to your experience and skill level.

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A little about Coach David

David Taylor-Smith at just 29 years old is quickly creating a name for himself as one of Australia’s top MMA coaches. Having trained in Martial Arts for over 20 years, co-owner of the well known Martial Arts Development/Team Quest Australia Gym, competes professional MMA in the lightweight division, coached Amateur and Professional MMA fighters and trained under and alongside some of the world’s top international champions and UFC fighters. David strives to become the best coach and mentor for any of his clients and athletes.

David himself has been studying, and training in Martial Arts for more than 20 years, but prior to becoming a Team Quest certified coach, he trained under and alongside many of the world’s top international champions in MMA, kickboxing, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After completing his degree his University degree in Business Management and Marketing, he co-created and currently co-owns one of Australia’s top MMA gyms, Martial Arts Development/Team Quest Australia.

With many highly recomended references from Professional Coaches, athletes and clients over the years. Here is one that stands out.

‘Dave and Glenn at MAD are very knowledgeable Martial Artist’s with a heart for sharing their knowledge, which makes them wonderful coaches. You couldn’t ask for better coaches! You would be very fortunate to have the opportunity to train with these guys and that is why Team Quest has been associated with them’. Matt ‘the Law’ Lindland, (U.S.A National Greco-Roman Wrestling Coach, World team Greco Wrestling Coach 2013, Former top 5 UFC fighter, Silver Medalist 2000 Olympics)

You can read more about some of his accomplishments in our coaching staff section and visit his Facebook for more updates or you can book via

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