Personal Training in Martial Arts

  • Smithfield Location at the Martial Arts Development Gym.
  • Professional Coaching
  • Affordable and flexible
  • Addictive and Fun training

We offer some of the most Professional and knowledgable training around! If you want Martial Arts or Self Defence training then it will be extremely hard to obtain the knowledge and experience elsewhere that you will be receiving from our Professional Coaches. We know how hard it can get whilst trying to achieve those personal goals of getting fit, losing weight and getting stronger.

So we offer a unique alternative for you..Learn some martial arts and use it to achieve those goals and get fit. Running on a treadmill, going to the gym, out door running, all can get very boring and take the fun out of fitness. Hitting the pads, learning new things and doing unique training exercises that we use as Professional Fighters all are much more fun and challenging. Our Coaches are extremely focused and develop your sessions around your goals, fitness level, body type and will make it a better experience than you will get elsewhere.

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Important info!

You will be getting trained by Current/Former Professional Athletes or University Qualified Coaches. Our trainers have vast practical experience from training and coaching around the world that allows them to understand and increase your performance with focused methods.

Age, weight, fitness level are all irrelevant, we are working with your current abilities and body type with the aim to reach your goals and exceed them. If you want Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts thrown into your fitness training we can also do that, just let us know!

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The Next Step


If you are interested in group sessions for yourself or a Business visit us at our Seminars page  for more information.

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