Press Release-Martial Arts Development partnership with ONE Fighting Championship and our new Fighters development program-Accepting Applications.

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Martial Arts Development press release-

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As most of our students and fans of Martial Arts Development know, we have one athlete competing for the last two years in ONE FC. Over that time we have developed a great relationship with the promotion. Today we would like to officially announce our partnership with ONE Fighting Championships. ONE FC is the second largest MMA show in the world and holds 90% of the Asian market share, with millions of viewers around the world watching their shows. They have major broadcasting rights all over Asia and the Middle East, continue to sign some of the best MMA talent in the world and their shows are sold out in stadiums throughout Asia and the Middle East.

The ONE FC Network is a group of top gyms and promotions across the Asia Pacific region. Today, Martial Arts Development becomes another gym to be part of the impressive network.

So what does that mean for our athletes or future athletes?

With the correct training and performance results then you will know that the management at Martial Arts Development has the ability to discuss your future and introduction into OneFC and its affiliated promotions throughout Asia. It also is a big stamp of approval to show you that our athletes are quality athletes that can compete on the world stage.

We also have announced the revamp of our Fighters program. Over the years we have seen athletes come and go and some but our athletes who have stayed have continued to do great things as fighters or coaches. Over this time we have developed a structured and focused approach to creating great MMA fighters. This year we have accepted one fighter from Asia on our program and now we would like to offer the same opportunity to the public. We would like to offer any fighters with experience or training history in Martial Arts to apply for a position in the Team M.A.D fight team. This is open to Male and Female fighters!

You don’t have to be an MMA fighter but ideally we would like some base experience in some Martial Arts.

So what do you get under our Elite MMA training program?

– MMA training from experienced Coaches. Specialist coaching in MMA from Former Professional MMA Fighters and title holders.
– Specialist training in Wrestling, Sambo, Judo, and BJJ from Coaches who have competed internationally and are highly accomplished.
– A strength and conditioning program developed by Team M.A.D conditioning coach (holds a masters degree in Sport Science and extensive Martial Arts history)
– Be part of an established and experienced team that has links to some of the top shows around Australia and Internationally.
– Developed diet plans with the assistance of our Team Nutritionist

-Use of our Team Physiotherapist.

– Consistent training partners and training schedule available. Team training is with a Team.
– We are a Team Quest gym and use the same methods of training that has made many of their athletes successful in the UFC and around the world.
– Proper fighter management without ridiculous and unnecessary management or finder fees.
– Access to our regular training sessions with some of the best coaches and fighters from around the world.

We offer through our program a very serious commitment to you. In return we ask for the same level of commitment. Firstly, we will have an interview with you, then if successful and we think you will fight the team culture, then you will sign an agreement with Team M.A.D which will outline your commitment to training and the schedule, along with code of conduct.

We have a great team that enjoys training, is focused and has a great attitude. If that is you as well, send us an email and we will notify you of what happens next! 🙂

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