Membership prices

Our membership programs are based on giving you the best training and results possible. We believe all our members and future members should be receiving high quality training without paying a ridiculous price or being tied into membership policies and additional fees.

What makes our membership programs different?

-You receive some of the best Martial Arts training in Australia on affordable and flexible pricing.

-No contracts, lock in clauses, cancellation fee’s or additional membership fees.

-We are focused on your training and progress! We do not focus on selling you competitions, tournaments, merchandise you don’t need, or anything outside your immediate training and goal requirements.

-All coaching staff aim to provide you the best skills and knowledge necessary to achieving your goals in a safe environment. As all our Coaches have competed professionally and spent life times training and developing skills, they aim to minimise risk and injury during your training. We understand you have work, School and life obligations and don’t need unnecessary injuries.

-Atmosphere is a very important element when considering your training. We have a fun, friendly and focused training atmosphere. All members from the beginners to the Professional team will always go out of there way to help and assist you.


We have some great memberships on offer that will have you training and enjoying our great classes. Send us a quick email letting us know which one of our programs interest you the most and we will get back to you with a great value membership option.

   Have Questions? Contact us and let’s get you training!