Self Defence Seminar June 2014

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Our next self defence seminar will be held on June 21st at 2pm-4pm.

For those who completed the first set of seminars this year, we recommend this as a refresher course and there will be new techniques and concepts introduced that were not in the last one.

You will not need to have any background in Martial Arts or Fitness level. It will be two hours of learning and practising techniques that will make you feel more comfortable and secure protecting yourself and your loved ones.

The focus of this seminar will be knife attacks and group attacks. Rubber knives will be supplied.

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Places are filling fast and we have capped numbers for the session, if you would like to book your place, please email

Below are some testaments from previous attendees.

“The seminar was an extremely fun and practical way to learn about how to protect yourself. What I enjoyed most was that it used a variety of real life situations and simulated them so that you can see for yourself how easy it can be to use the tactics that are taught. Pretty much, what this seminar shows you is that you dont have to be a black belt to protect yourself!”

-Mandy Chung

“I have been a martial arts practitioner for fifteen years during which time I have become proficient in both empty-hand and weapons training. I attended David Taylor-Smith’s street/knife self-defence seminar and found it altogether to be instructive and valuable for my learning.

David’s range of self-defence concepts in both understanding and application are critical and relevant for self-preservation on the street. His instructions throughout were engaging, routinely comprised with clear and astute detail concerning the realities of street violence “

– Richard Sales

“The Martial Arts Development Self-Defense Seminar interested me because, as a Community Mental Health Worker, I often find myself in situations where there’s a strong potential for violence…so I was looking for some life-saving moves to help me in such situations.

And M.A.D. did not disappoint!

David focused on showing us techniques that were direct, simple, and practical, avoiding fancy moves that would be useless and/or forgotten in the heat of the moment.

I left there with some realistic, eminently practical options for what to do should the worst suddenly come to the worst. We don’t get enough of this kind of training, and I would recommend this class to anyone.”

-Warwick Poulsen M.A. (Psych)(Syd.); A.T.C.L

I attended the seminar with my sister; we have always said we would love to learn self defence and snatched at the opportunity to finally do so. Learning kickboxing is one thing, but being able to defend yourself in a sudden and unexpected fight in an uncontrolled environment is something else entirely.

There is a lot to learn in self defence, much more than I thought prior to the seminar, and it pays to have someone with David’s expertise teaching you. The best part of the seminar was trialling all the defence strategies right there on the spot, seeing what worked for you and your own preferences. I was able to see what techniques I was good at and which ones I struggled with. It helps knowing your own capabilities for situations where you need to do some quick thinking.

The whole thing went by surprisingly quickly and everyone had a lot of fun- I’ll be waiting patiently for the next seminar, definitely well worth my time.

-Maysaa Daher

You can also take a look at a link which shows some of the knife defence techniques you will be learning during the session.





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