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Spring is here and you guys in Sydney have already started to see a temperature boost in the weather. We can see it at M.A.D as well, once Spring comes around the gym always gets busier and people become more focused. Being surrounded by that focus is a great thing!  So we are offering two new ‘Special Spring offers’ so that you can be part of our Team! 🙂

1. Unlimited Monthly Membership with your choice of FREE Training ‘Team M.A.D’ shirt or Venum Boxing Gloves-

Join us on our Monthly unlimited membership and this entitles you to do all classes (except Advanced or fight team training), you can train whenever you like during our opening hours, you have access to weights and cardio equipment as well. Most of our members are on this membership package. We are now offering a discount on this! There are 3 important things you need to know about this package-

1.This membership deal is only on Direct Debit. Direct Debit membership is our cheapest membership we offer to all our members. Debit makes it easier for you as it comes out of your bank account fortnightly or monthly, you don’t need reminders to pay or hassle from admin at the gym. Life is much easier on this membership!

2.We have no cancellation fees, contracts, hidden fees or conditions. The only condition we uphold is 14 days written notice to cancel or hold your membership.

3. If you would like to know more about this membership deal and the price for our monthly unlimited training, send us an email at contact us


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2. Our Special offer on Private Coaching! *Our cheapest Private Coaching rate ever*

If you want to learn quickly and get in shape even quicker then this is for you! Forget Boot camps, classes at your local Fitness gym, or hiring a PT. You can come to us and learn from Professional Fighters who do this type of training and exercises daily.

So what would you do in a typical Private session at M.A.D? You would be run through a dynamic warm up, taught some technique in the discipline you have chosen to train in (we offer MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling), then taught to use this technique on pads or mitts so that you get better at the technique whilst being put through a great workout, and you also get some exciting and fun Strength and Conditioning exercises that we as fighters cross train in. There are so many great benefits in taking Private Coaching! We are opened every day and have coaches available at all times so you have the choice in flexibility, you are trained by athletes who know your body and have done the same exercises thousands of times, you are learning an actual life skill whilst having fun and working your ass off!


private coaching flyer-page-001

So snap out of that winter hibernation get back training! For most people, shedding that extra winter weight is easier said than done, but our job is to make it much easier for you and even go a step further by making it enjoyable! 🙂

One more important detail! This deal is not for all of Spring, it will expire on the 30/9/13 .

We want you to get into training during Spring so it will be only on offer for a few weeks. contact us for more information or to book your first training session. See you soon!

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