Understanding our Dietary needs

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Understanding our Dietary needs

One of the most common topics we get asked for assistance with is surrounding diets. Everyone has their own ‘diet’ that works for them or has given some weight loss or positive results, yet the best diets focus on providing correct dietary needs and usually are the most natural (non processed) in food content.


We have attached a great article from the National Geographic website on the evolution of diet. Take a read and get a better understanding on why certain diets and modern food processing has actually worked against our bodies rather than being such a positive achievement for humans.

Our advice if you are looking at dieting or changing your lifestyle. Speak to Dietician or Nutritionist. They will give you the best advice with accuracy and understanding rather than jumping on some fad diet with minimal knowledge on what you are doing or how the diet effects your body. (Paleo,Keto Diet, etc).

One little extra tip..find a healthy way of eating that doesn’t feel like a Diet. Maybe use the diet to create a regular eating pattern full of positive habits so once your ‘diet’ phase is over this style of eating becomes habitual. Some examples may be, cutting out processed foods, reducing portion sizes, drinking more water, etc.




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