Women’s Kickboxing

Women's Kickboxing Class Sydney

This class is for Women Only and aims to teach Women the sport of Kickboxing, learning how to turn those Hands and Feet into weapons whilst burning those calories.

After Each session you will feel yourself getting fitter, stronger and more confident. If you want to get fitter in a unique way, learn a new sport, develop more confidence and challenge yourself..then this would be the class! We also grade our women in Kickboxing so that there is always more to learn and new challenges are set regularly.


What will you need?

If you have Boxing gloves 10oz or more then we recommend bringing them to class, they will be needed for all Kickboxing and Boxing classes. Bag gloves and MMA gloves won’t be needed for classes unless the instructor provides advance notice. If you don’t have any gloves, you can speak to us for a members only price.

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Women's Kickboxing Wetherill Park Sydney
Women's Kickboxing Wetherill Park Sydney

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